Sunday 21 August 2022


Hi everyone and welcome. Hope you are all keeping well.

I thought I would take a few moments to show a few of my Thrinchies in a little more details with a few close up pictures. 

For those of you wondering what a Thrinchie is, well its a 3 x 3 inch square piece of art. AALLandCreate are holding a challenge at the moment that runs through to the 30th September. If you pop along to my Facebook Group HERE, you can find all the details, if you wish to join in.

I find it quite surprising how much you can actually fit onto a small square piece of card. 

I love the vibrancy of this piece and the touches of white embossing.

The close up picture shows all the detail beautifully.

All these small pieces of art could quite easily be converted into a card format too.

I love the blend of colours on this piece and I will definitely be using these colours again.

I wanted all my Thrinchies to work together as I have now added them to a book.

This challenge has given me the opportunity to revisit so many stamps, which I love and also mixing old with new images too.

Enjoy your Sunday.




Annie said...

I love these little bits of art! Your colors and textures all mingle so well. And the off-the-edge bits are awesome points of additional interest. These Thrinchies are greatly inspiring!
I hate that blogging is dying. I can’t understand the desire to make life more and more instant, leaving connecting with people behind. I hope blogger NEVER produces a “like” button (if it can survive it).

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

I agree Annie, such a shame that Blogger is dying and people are losing interest. It’s like a virtual diary . Hugs 😘😘 said...

hello, lovely thrinchies!
i enjoy the challenge.
thank you

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Such a fun post. I love "tiny" These are all spectacular! Love the beautiful layers, size and colors of your beautiful designs. Was a great coffee break, thanks for sharing.