Tuesday 7 June 2022

A Little Bit of an Update

 Hi everyone, hope you are all keeping well.

Its been a long while since I have posted on my blog. Why? I was under the impression that a lot of blogs now receive less visits and that most people now don't visit a blog. Following a comment from a lovely Facebook Friend, Jennifer, I thought I would revisit this. 

What do you like to see on a blog post. I post frequently on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and often post my artwork on all these platforms. Is it still worthwhile posting here?

Over the past few months I have continued with my passion of designing stamps and gardening and in that repsect nothing much has changed, apart from the fact I have aged of course.

I will add a few links to my recent YouTube videos below, just in case there is anyone who visits here and may have missed my posts.

In the video above I create a journal page, something I love creating, I love the freedom of just creating for the joy of creating and I also love the fact that I can look back on each spread for inspiration in the future. 

Another passion, creating cards, and this one is a favourite, I love the vintage tones in the background with the pop of colour in the flower and pot.

Something else I love doing is mixing new releases with old and this video showcases that perfectly.

The video is part of my snippets range of videos where I create more paired back pieces. I am loving creating these.

I have also been creating a series of Christmas Cards and these have been a joy and also means I am ahead of the game for once and no more rushing around thinking up ideas at the last minute.

If you would like to see more of my Youtube Videos, the link below will take you straight to all the uploaded videos. Simply click on the highlighted text.

Youtube Channel - Tracy Evans

If you would like to receive notifications when I upload a video, simply press the bell in YouTube, top right of the page.

I also have a dedicated Facebook Group, where I post all my artwork and new releases and we have a wonderful, friendly community. The group also has a full PDF document with all my stamp releases along with a PDF document for all my 77 workshops so far. Feel free to ask to join, link below:

Tracy Evans Facebook Group.

I would love to hear your feed back regarding blogs. Do you still visit them and do you still enjoy visiting. 




crafty-stamper said...

Hi Tracy I do follow you on youtube and FB-I don't do twitter or instagram.I post regularly on my blog and enjoy entering challenges-I try and visit everyone who comments-it is a shame when challenges or people stop blogging it just seems to cut our options down and force everyone onto FB or instagram maybe we should all make more of an effort and comment more on blogs at least then we have more options-my opinion anyway and I do appreciate all the videos you make for us
Carol x

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Thank you so much, and all such valid points 😘😘

Lou Sims said...

As you know I'm a huge blog fan and love reading them. If I'm honest, dont always comment which I should make more effort to do so.
Although I am a visual learner, do also appreciate the written word and photographs. I use my blog to share videos but also step by steps with photos. A blog is also static and as we are in a world where everything has to be new and new now, having one place that remains static, I find reassuring.
At present, will keep going if for no other reason than its my crafty online diary.
Thank you for posing the question and can't wait to read people's replies x

ionabunny said...

See now, I decided I'd pop over, but you just want me to look at utube videos and give me links to other places. Blogging is far from dead but it seems everyone wants to commercialise everything and spend as little time as possible doing it. It's your blog, why ask me what I want to see?? I can see what I want to see on my own blog. On your blog I want to see things you want to show me. If what you show me is interesting I'll hit that follow button and come back, although why have you got your profile and followers button at the bottom of the sidebar??? Is that what they deserve?? A looooongggggggg scroll to the bottom of the page through crap loads of adverts??? Blogs are a gentler slower way of life. Call me old fashioned but give me some pictures here please. I know lots of people like watching videos, but I rarely do, unless I see an irresistible still....... Well, I hope you aren't offended, but you did ask Bwahaahhaahaaa. I am a bit of an acquired taste but I see Hilary likes you so I might have a look around. I like gardening too. What do you grow??? Hugz

Beautygal said...

Thanks,for updating your blog Tracy I got a bit excited when I seen the link �� . Jennifer xxx

Lucy said...

I think it's very sad that we don't all blog any more. It was a lovely community. I think when other platforms came along they were much quicker and blogging wasn't very user friendly especially for mobile communication. But I miss having that record of what I have made.

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Thank you so much for all your comments . I will definitely take them all on board 😘😘😘

Christine Alexander said...

I still love looking at the blogs but I can see why FB and Instagram lure people away, the posts are so much shorter. Your videos are awesome and always check them out ♥

Annie said...

I miss the bloggers and the more in depth communications of them. Everyone is on a fast track to instant gratification and impersonal “like” button pushing. But a million likes communicates nothing more than an “obligation” to hit that like button whether you like the post or not and move on. Blogger makes things difficult with every change they think is an improvement yet bogs us all down with a new supply of difficulties in posting and in commenting. But there is no like button. If you truly like something posted and you want the blogger to know this, you have to leave a comment. We make virtual friends with communication, but the more blogs we follow, the more friends we make, the more time we end up being on our computers and less time making. So, better content vs. lack of time. I’m only just deciding to leave flickr. Changing it over to a record of only one or two topic photos until my “free” space there is used up. Instagram will take over from there. In the end, I continue to blog for now for at least a digital record of my creative adventures. Just thought I’d add my 2cents here.

Debi said...

Your blog is the first I have visited in months. I follow you on Youtube and don't see a reason to go to the blog. I don't follow any artists that use a blog. I follow them all on Youtube. I think I am more of a visual person and enjoy the videos immensely.

Sandra.oldfield40@gmail.com said...

Hi Tracy
Thank you so much for updating your blog post and adding utube tutorials. I find your work so easy to follow and as I have said many times amazingly beautiful. I do follow your Facebook page and Annie's post too. Keep those lovely post coming. Love n hugs
Sandra x

alma.heijenk@gmail.com said...

thank you Tracy, i enjoy reading blogs and try to give reactions on posts.
i have a blog myself and try to post every week a post.
i follow your you tube and instagram

karenlotty said...

I enjoy visiting blogs As Lou has said it’s a static platform and I find it easier to navigate around I follow you on FB and YouTube too but I’m not very techie and get easily lost in finding up to date posts eg I see a post from Janet Pring I leave a “Like” or “Comment” only to see it’s been posted for a second time further down on an earlier date I like the calmness of a blog