Monday 6 July 2020

Protect Our Bees

Morning everyone, today I have a mixed media card using my A5 Stamp "Honeybee" #330.
I loved creating this piece, the layers and textures work so well together on this shaped card and give a real mixed media feel to the piece.

The video above goes through all the steps to create my card. Hope you enjoy.
The Beeswax element gives it a real tactile feel.
I also incorporated vintage book pages and calico for added interest.
I added the rim from an old pocket watch to act as a spotlight for my focal image.
The bee takes centre stage.
I incorporated some background stamping using my A7 Stamp "Splattered Numbers" #350 for a further layer of interest.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Tracy x x


akkina van steen said...

Love the stamp with de Bee

Skylark said...

It's lovely to see all the close-up photos with a link to the project video on your blog Tracy. I also really like that on a blog, with the labels feature, I can do a search for a particular stamp set to give me inspiration for the ones that I own. As far as I know, this isn't something you can do on Facebook or YouTube. Thanks for sharing more of your beautiful artwork ~ Stef

karenlotty said...

I totally agree with Stef (Skylark) Couldn’t have put it better myself
Lovely project