Friday, 24 July 2020


Morning everyone, welcome, today I have a card I created during a recent Facebook Live. I am so pleased with how this one turned out.
I have a video below which shows you the step by step process.

Below I will add some close up shots.
I just love the heart and how the bee sits on top of the ornate frame.
I incorporated some white scratchy lines and some splatters to lift the whole design.
I added dimension to the bee and some touches of black to add further interest.

Thanks so much for stopping by Tracy.



Sue said...

Love reading your blogs Tracy. As I'm not on Facebook I often catch up with your vids on your blog, reading them with your voice in my head. You're such a hoot.😂
I think Bin Diving was new to me. I am from Wolverhampton don't you know, but now I'm considering getting a head torch and joining the club👍

R's Rue said...


karenlotty said...

Like Sue I love reading your blog
I quite often can’t make your FB lives and this is a great way of scrolling through and finding something I’d like to try I still have to catch-up on the workshops I’ve done with you!
This card is stunning and as I’m more into card card making I will definitely give this a go