Saturday 29 May 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

Wow I have just arrived back home to a lovely surprise, Glen has awarded me a Beautiful Blogger Award.  Thank you Glen, that is really kind of you.

It's my first award and I am thrilled and I feel very honoured. There are rules that go along with it. First I have to thank the giver and add a link to them, so, thank you so very much Glen it was a real surprise.

Then there are 10 things that I have to tell you about myself.   It is hard to think of ten things to tell you LOL, but here goes:-

  1. My first passion is gardening, I love to spend hours pottering away in my own little world in my garden which is my little peace of heaven here on earth.
  2. I do not read books but am an avid magazine reader, I am often sat with a cuppa and a house magazine, craft magazine or gardening magazine on my lap.
  3. I am mum to two beautiful children Ryan and Laura and I now have a 17 week old pug pup called Mitzi who is becoming a great friend and lap dog LOL.
  4. I have just taken on the responsibility of an allotment and have never grown a vegetable in my life.
  5. Up until recently I owned and ran Craft Addicts Limited until I decided to retire from retail 3 weeks ago, all so that I can spend more time gardening and crafting.
  6. I love Spring and Autumn they are my favourite seasons, Spring for all the expectation in the garden, watching all the new plants breaking through the soil and Autumn for all the autumnal colours.
  7. When crafting my favourite colours are all the earthy tones.
  8. I collect hearts, all things heart related, jewellery, ornaments, crafts, papers etc etc.
  9. I love wildlife and do what I can to encourage as much as I can into my garden.
  10. I do not like flying at all and only ever holiday in this country. 
Thank you once again Glen.   I now need to nominate others for this award so I shall be back shortly.

Back now with the 10 other bloggers I find inspirational and I will leave a message on their blog to let them know:-

Linda, LB Crafts
Lynn, Trash To Treasure Art
Savvy Sisters
Sarah, Art of Moodling
Terri Sproul
Stamping By H

Please take a look and browse at all the above inspirational blog sites and enjoy.  Tracy x x 


Anonymous said...

Thanks Tracy! And thanks for sharing! x

Lynn Stevens said...

Awe, Thank you Tracy. I enjoyed learning more about you! I do hope your enjoying your retirement and spending time in your garden and crafting!
I'll work on my list this weekend.
Thanks again,
Hugs Lynn

Helen said...

Thanks so much! I find these really hard to do, but have had a crack.

Jennie -The Artistic Stamper said...

Hi Tracey, thank you so much for the award :)
Shall hopefully post it later today
Have a good day

Lynne Phelps said...

Tracy, thank you so much for this award. You can see my post here. Lynn, I am so sorry, but you were on my list too! And I tried so hard not to duplicate!